Scarville Lutheran School

Scarville Lutheran School established in 1927. Helping students receive a Christian education.


Teachers of Scarville Lutheran School

1927-1932 Laura lngebritson

1932-1942 Emma Tyssen

1958-1960 LaVonne Johnson

1960-1961 Helen Kuehl

1961-1964 Adela Halverson

1964-1965 Rosella Iverson

1965-1968 Diane Natvig

1968-1969 John Shep

1969-1971 Carol Wassmann

1971-1975 Anne Kroll

1975-1976 Julie Bjelland

1976-1979 Janet Tollefson

1979-1983 Marie Aaberg

1983-1984 Jeanette Anthony


The teachers of Scarville Lutheran School have been a great blessing to the families of the Scarville Parish, Center Parish and the community. These Christian teachers have worked hard to maintain and further the high academic standard set for students enrolled in the school.




1984-1986 Debra (Klessig) Andersland

1986-1988 Kathy Stein

1988-1990 Pamela Klessig

1990-1992 Emily (Quist) Johnson

1990-1995 Marilyn Bredeson

1992-1996 Ellyn Wilkens

1996-1997 Barbara Klukas

1997-1999 Laurie (Quist) Rygh

1997-present Adela (Halverson) Faugstad

1999-2000 Nicole Kroening

2000-2001 Tensie Kramer

2001-2004 Laura Vettleson

2004-2005 Bonnie Lierman

2005-2013 Carrie (Barckholtz) Enderson

2013 - present Thalia Pollard