Hymn of the Week – Trinity 20

ELH #517 If God Himself Be for Me vv. 1-3, 5,6

1. If God Himself be for me,

I may a host defy;

For when I pray, before me

My foes confounded fly.

If Christ, the Head, befriend me,

If God be my support,

The mischief they intend me

Shall quickly come to naught.

2. This I believe, yea, rather,

In this I make my boast,

That God is my dear Father,

The Friend who loves me most;

And that, whate’er betide me,

My Savior is at hand

Though stormy seas to guide me

And bring me safe to land.

3. I build on this foundation:

That Jesus and His blood

Alone are my salvation,

The true eternal good.

Without Him all that pleases

Is valueless on earth;

The gifts bestowed by Jesus

Alone my love are worth.

5. He canceled my offenses,

And saved my soul from death;

’Tis He who ever cleanses

Me from my sins through faith.

In Him I can be cheerful,

Bold, and undaunted aye.

In Him I am not fearful

Of God’s great Judgment Day.

6. Naught, naught can e’er condemn me,

Nor set my hope aside;

Now hell no more can claim me,

Its fury I deride.

No sentence e’er reproves me,

No ill destroys my peace,

For Christ, my Savior, loves me

And shields me with His grace.

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