Scarville and Center Lutheran Churches

What is Lutheran Education?

We will assist parents in training their children in the knowledge of their savior and forming their children into virtuous young adults with a strong biblical foundation and worldview, who are equipped with the knowledge and skills to think logically and speak effectively for the good of their neighbor and society in whatever vocations they occupy. 

What is Lutheran Education?

  1. Values and loves children because they are fearfully and wonderfully made by God and are redeemed by the blood and life of Christ. 
  2. Recognizes that children are, by nature, sinners. 
  3. Is an education that the teachers, in respect to the kingdom of the right, freely give to the children their forgiveness and Christ’s forgiveness, and in respect to the kingdom of the left, may give appropriate consequences for the children’s actions. 
  4. Is an education that rightly divides law and gospel. 
  5. Sees every subject in view of God and His revelation. God is relevant to every subject 
  6. Stands upon the Bible as God’s true and authoritative revelation to us. 
  7. Draws heavily from Luther’s Small and Large Catechism. 
  8. Gives the student a thorough understanding of Bible History and Christian doctrine. 
  9. Equips students to speak and defend the Christian faith. 
  10. Recognizes that all goodness, faith and beauty have God as their source. 

By Pastor Skogen

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